Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Task Of Funeral Transportation By Air

The nature of families today is changing. People no longer live in joint families. It is a sad fact that many people are far away from their loved ones when they die. Thus it often becomes necessary for the body to be transported by air. Many Indian funeral services firms have started to offer repatriation services. This means that the body is flown by an airline using special facilities to where the families live.

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Funeral transportation of this nature involves quite a bit of work especially if the body is to be flown across borders. It becomes essential to coordinate with embassies and consulates and fulfill their requirements. Airlines need to be contacted as they have their own set of procedures. Fortunately, many airlines offer repatriation services and funeral service firms have also become skilled at executing such tasks.

As the repatriation is being done, there are several aspects that need to be looked at. First, the coffin needs to conform to international shipping regulations. The urns need to be made appropriate for shipping by air. If the body is going to a warm weather country then the embalming services need to be suitably executed. In a country like India, different religions and different states have their own customs. They would like the funeral home to observe these customs while they are carrying out repatriation.

Funeral directors have started offering specialized services in this regard. They are able to execute the formalities in a speedy and efficient manner. All the religious demands of their clients are kept in mind when the repatriation is being done. The firms coordinate with the required government agencies and make sure all the requirements are met. Many airlines have teams specially trained for such tasks. They offer discounts so that the financial burden is not too great for families of low income groups. Firms negotiate with the airlines so that the families are able to avail benefits of such schemes.

Thus families are able to remain stress free at such sad moments. By entrusting the repatriation task to funeral service companies with specialized skills, they are able to ensure that the body reaches the destination on time and at a reasonable rate. 

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